Rabat – the less known capital of Morocco and Unesco World Heritage Site

Imagine reading through The Economist prognosis for changes in 2018 while taking a train from Marrakech to Rabat, passing by Casablanca. At one point you come across a page with news on improvements to train system in Morocco. The note actually says that the new trains will be almost twice as fast as they currently are on a way from Marrakech to Moroccan capital… (sic!) Casablanca. At one point I was speechless. Was I mixing something, did I not do proper reading about the country I am visiting to the point as not to recognise the capital properly or, which…

Experience Marrakech

There are places that can be described with many words and there are some, like Marrakech, that better explained when seen. It is the first time that I had trouble to reduce the number of pictures I wanted to share. So here is a long one of Marrakech so far out of my week long Morocco trip, pictures of amazing places like Bahia Palace, Jardins Majorelle, Jemaa el-Fna, YSL Museum, La Mamounia, Koutoubia and a few others.