In love with Tatra mountains

One of the first winter walks this year in Polish Tatra mountains was nice and easy, can be easily made in up to 4 hours. Starting from Palenica Bialczanska parking, the blue path leads to Rusinowa Polana and subsequently green one to Gesia Szyja. Even though not as much seen as expected as weather decided to be quite moody, the walk, snow, peace and quiet was all worth it. Love Tatra mountains. Advertisements

Exploring Poland in Kashubia region

Consisting of many lakes and natural parks, Kashubia (Kaszuby) region in Poland is one of those places where you will manage to completely escape busy city life. With its own distinct culture and language, Kashubia has been on and off under Polish and German influence but manage to preserve its uniqueness. The region is stretching as far as 100km southwest of Gdańsk. Once there you would be surprised by the natural beauty. It is sometimes called Poland’s little Switzerland. Bory Tucholskie National Park can serve as an ideal scenery for a fantasy movie the likes of Lord of the Rings….

Winter and dwarfs in Wroclaw

City weekend away is always a good idea. For two days you manage to do all the “must sees”. Some of the merits any Polish city has to offer in winter are mulled wine, magical christmas market square and feeling of bliss when entering a cosy coffee place or resto after wandering around in low temperatures. What you probably would not get to see anywhere else than Wroclaw is how much dwarfs can take over the city. They are everywhere giving special artistic flavour to the city started as commemoration to anti-communist movement in Poland. Ostrow Tumski is not to be…

Nature calling to Ojców National Park

Not far from Krakow, Lesser Voivodeship, just some some 17 km away lies a beautiful and the smallest national park in Poland. Its one of those places that people go to when they are forced as kids for a school trip, but forget to visit later when grow up. It is a shame as the place is so close and so beautiful that if I had not been here in the weather I had last weekend, I would have considered my weekend wasted. There are a few walking tours (red, blue, yellow, green and black), depending how early you get to…

Kraków is my “place to return to”

Humans are programmed that way – if in one place for a long time, they get used to it. Getting used to means that more often than not your surrounding is not perceived as something extraordinary anymore. This is the case with me and the place I am celebrating my 5th anniversary with. Looking through archives of pictures it seems I have photographs from all other cities, but there are only a few from the place I choose to live for this long. Seems strange that we only appreciate something in retrospect. Only a few, no common theme, but each with…