Tatra mountains – from Grzes through Rakon to Volovec

It is 10 PM on Friday and packing to Tatra mountains is still on the way. You are making sandwiches. For many reasons sandwiches taste so much better at the top, where there is a silence, clean air and you know you did your best to deserve them. A thought is circling in your mind “Sleep, you will miss it so much tomorrow”. The trip starts from Krakow at 5:20 AM to arrive to Siwa Polana Parking at around 7:20 AM. On a way you pass a beautiful sunrise view behind snowy Tatras. The hike from Siwa Polana to Polana Chocholowska…

In love with Tatra mountains

One of the first winter walks this year in Polish Tatra mountains was nice and easy, can be easily made in up to 4 hours. Starting from Palenica Bialczanska parking, the blue path leads to Rusinowa Polana and subsequently green one to Gesia Szyja. Even though not as much seen as expected as weather decided to be quite moody, the walk, snow, peace and quiet was all worth it. Love Tatra mountains.