Western Tatras – Czerwone Wierchy this wintertime

During the first days of spring it goes without saying that this winter has been somewhat magical. Discovering something you never knew you might like so much is quite exciting.

The route this weekend was demanding, the best one so far and probably the last one done this winter. Although distance-wise it was very reasonable, only circa 16 km long, with the route chosen the climb started immediately, no time to get used to or to adjust the tempo. Heading from Kiry through a black route, the turn was taken to a red and at Przysłop Mietusi ultimately changed to a blue one leading to Małołączniak via the most impressive albeit slightly dangerous part, had the weather not been so favourable this weekend (see pic. 3-4).

The final three hundreds meters up to Małołączniak was quite hard. Even though traversing the gorge through the blue route was difficult, the possibility to split it to more manageable parts and ice layer covering snow made it somewhat easier to cross. The hard part started on a less interesting final distance as it kept on and on for some time. Step by step… one after another… one hill uncovering itself after next one… and finally there. The deepest breath ever and few pictures taken with no time to waste we were heading off to Krzesanica.

Despite only two hundreds meters up and down between the two, that part was the most demanding. I found that it is all about the tempo you set, breaths you take and chants you keep repeating to yourself when a road starts to appear impossible to finish.

Surprisingly, a short hike between Krzesanica and Ciemniak was the most exciting. I sensed it had something to do with a thrill and a beauty of the steep along the way (see pics 7-8). All the three mountains lead along the red route which is where the descend took place, ultimately ending up with green route leading to Kiry.

At the end there was a silence. The kind of silence that turned out to be more comfortable than a thousands words said.

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