Exploring Poland in Kashubia region

Consisting of many lakes and natural parks, Kashubia (Kaszuby) region in Poland is one of those places where you will manage to completely escape busy city life. With its own distinct culture and language, Kashubia has been on and off under Polish and German influence but manage to preserve its uniqueness. The region is stretching as far as 100km southwest of Gdańsk. Once there you would be surprised by the natural beauty. It is sometimes called Poland’s little Switzerland.

Bory Tucholskie National Park can serve as an ideal scenery for a fantasy movie the likes of Lord of the Rings. Being there, you can easily imagine giants, dwarves or elves moving among tall trees, approaching nearby lakes in the forrest fog. Beware of mosquitos, they are really keen to attack any standing or moving target and can give you a hard time.

This year, one day before my visit to Kashubia, part of the region has been greatly damaged by storms devastating large forest area making it by far the worst disaster in the history of Polish forestry. A truly heartbreaking view.

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