1. Stunning photos!


    1. Thanks Zac! I probably should have written a few words about the place or the magic of Buddhist spirit in the air, but Cambodia was one of those places I actually thought for the first time that I could easily stay in. It’s just one of those places where you do not need any words, just stop and feel it. I see you have been around now on a longer trip and looks like you’re having the time of your life! 🙂 Enjoy!

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      1. Thanks! Looking forward to Cambodia 🇰🇭 and I’m excited to ‘stop and feel it’ – seems like it’ll be a very emotional country with Khmer Rouge etc


  2. Something special about the country really, could not figure out what it was exactly. The thing is that it is quite hard to actually imagine the magnitude of the genocide being surrounded of Cambodia’s natural beauty. And then on the other hand there is an extreme division of society, you can see the difference immediately when passing the boarder from Vietnam how poor can be really poor. And then there is Angkor and its spiritual side. Really curious to know your view, when are you going there?


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