BLS 4 Lessons Learnt

CONSISTENCY goes a long way. The whole goal of participating in the league was to prove myself that being consistent in the things that really matter is something I AM capable of doing. You know the feeling of unfinished book or a movie? It always made me thinking of myself as quitter, but once you aim to introduce a small change in your life and make it consistent it will bring about bigger changes. That is when transformation happens.

COMPETITIVENESS is my second nature and its nothing to be ashamed of. Some people tend to look at it differently, that being competitive will never make you a good team player. I never questioned this assumption until the time I got to be part of HSBC Squash Team. I am as passionate about their success, wins and losses as I would have for my own and we compete together. Being a fan of “Friends” sitcom, there was one part when Phoebe said to Monica “Think of it, you will be in competition with yourself” to which she replied “That is my favourite kind!” 🙂

WARM UP is the most basic and the best way to avoid getting hurt. I have had more visits to physiotherapists, orthopaedics and massage places through this time than ever. Sometimes you got to learn it doing your own mistakes rather than from someone else’s experience. Not the best way I must admit, but as long as lesson is learnt – consider it a success.

MOTIVATION has ups and downs, keep the bigger picture in mind. There were times when the last thing I wanted to do was leaving house or do some exercising, but surrounding myself with things that reminded me of the goal always made me get up and get going. Create triggers that will fire out your new routine which would essentially become your habit and keep the bigger picture in mind. The change will follow.

In the end – this is my pride and joy of the last year.

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