Blue Dragon Foundation Support


Living by the rule “be the change you want to see in the world” and striving to be a conscious traveller when planning for trip to Vietnam two of my friends and I decided to provide support to Children’s Foundation “Blue Dragon”.

“Blue Dragon” is located in Hanoi and supports street children, children with disabilities and survivors of human trafficking. The goal of Foundation is to provide long-term care, shelter and educational opportunities for the kids.

We figured that every support – even if is small one is worth providing to those in need. And so three weeks before the trip with a help of our friends and work colleagues we managed to collect:
– School bags
– Stationery: pens, pencils, notepads, crayons, sewing kits, etc.
– New cleansing products, deodorants, etc.
– Art and craft items: scissors, color markers, color papers, etc.
– Woolen gloves, scarves, socks for children between 6-18 years old
– Additional funding to purchase speakerphone for music therapy classes 

We have been warmly greeted by the Foundation member and even if we did not manage to meet the kids in person because of tight schedule, the Thank You received made it all worthwhile.

If you do ever come to Hanoi and if you do care for others and want to make the change, do consider ‘Blue Dragon’ for what they do to make a world better place.

You can get more info on

Be the change!

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