The Streets and Views of Milano

This time it took me over a month to actually pull myself together and share the view of Milano. I have heard a lot before going there for a weekend, mostly the comments were along the lines “nothing worth to see”. Well… I respectfully disagree.

Duomo di Milano in the weather we have had was just spectacular. You will need to wait in a queue for some 40 minutes, but eventually when you get there the view is worth a wait. Piazza Gae Aplenti is a really impressive modern square to walk around in the evening and it can be a pleasant stroll after a nice dinner with one of may resto places not far away, just down the street.  And of course Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II will make you feel like you are in a museum rather than a shopping mall, art and fashion combined to impress.

all-italy autumn-in-milano dancing-shoes duomo-milano-2 duomo-milano haute-cuture il-duomo img_6627 piazza-gae-aulenti-milano piazza-gae-aulenti shopping-with-style st-bartolomew-in-milano take-me-to-the-moon via-montenapoleone you-have-been-watched


  1. Great Photos! ☺☺


    1. A little late, but thanks! 🙂


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