Venice “behind the mask”

Italy attracts for it’s beauty so much european. Through not tourist-friendly (why would they be if tourists are flooding to Venice so much danger is it can finally sink in?), Italians love their country and tourists love Italy. But somehow there is a hate-hate relations between locals and tourists no matter how interdependent they are.

Venice stroke us during the first hour being there. Literally. The stroke was hard, ie. my nose against the spotless glass door of the hotel we were staying in. The next hour or two we spent browsing on Internet all about symptoms of nose breaking, planning the next visit to orthopaedics and laryngologist as soon as I am back to Krakow and trying to turn it all into however a painful but still a joke. How fabulous it is to get your nose broken in Venice, huh?! One aspirin, two glasses of wine and strong make up later we were ready to discover what more adventures Venice has to offer.

Wanting to see all Venice in one day we discovered that water bus through Canale Grande would be the best and the cheapest option. The next half an hour we spent figuring out which bus to take and where it starts its journey. Even with google maps it was not that straightforward. Luckily the local man who could speak no English helped us out and show the exact way, which bus to take and how to navigate with the schedule. To think – why would people need words if they can do all that with just a few gestures and a universal body language?..

Being in Krakow all the time one gets used to pigeons flying here and there all over the city centre. To our surprise, there were no pigeons in Venice and it seems it is not allowed by law (!) to feed them. One of the interesting facts about Venice we got to know from Dan Brown’s “Inferno” – book of the trip, I must say.

There is so much more Venice is famous for, but for me it will always be remembered as a place full of tourists, full souvenir masks and a place where hotels have the most spotless clean glass doors.

face-of-venice go-green gondola-venice gondolieri magic market-venice st-mark-venice venice-at-night venice-by-day-again venice-by-day venice-italy behind-the-mask-venice espresso-time gondola-in-venice venice-washed-up venice-window


  1. Alesia Piol

    Hi there! I was in Venice this summer and had a marvelous time until thunder and rain started pouring on us on our last day haha. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? Your pictures are beautiful loved the post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Alesia! Seems you were having “romantic” walk in the rain in Venice 🙂 There can never be too many of those. From my experience, I must say the thought crossed my mind whether clean glass doors in Venice are just a hotel’s strategy to keep their guests staying longer than just for a day or two. Then again, I wouldn’t mind, really liked the place. Hope you enjoyed the other sunny days too 🙂


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