Nature calling to Ojców National Park

Not far from Krakow, Lesser Voivodeship, just some some 17 km away lies a beautiful and the smallest national park in Poland. Its one of those places that people go to when they are forced as kids for a school trip, but forget to visit later when grow up. It is a shame as the place is so close and so beautiful that if I had not been here in the weather I had last weekend, I would have considered my weekend wasted.

There are a few walking tours (red, blue, yellow, green and black), depending how early you get to the park, how much time you want to stay and how passionate you are about sightseeing without all electric cars so popular with Krakow tourists. Pieskowa Skala Castle is definitely a must see. It is a  renaissance fortress that has been reconstructed only this year to welcome visitors. The beautiful nature surrounding the castle highlights Italian influences that were so popular here in XVI century.

Ojcowski National Park embraces two rivers valleys and parts of Jurassic plateau. A 25 meters high Hercules’ Club is a remaining of Jurassic limestone rocks and is by far one of the main attractions of the place. One of the best maps to follow I could find on this webpage – easy reference for walking and biking routes, whichever way you choose its simply impossible not to love the place.

park-ojcowski pieskowa-castle pieskowa-skala-zamek pieskowa-skala zamek-ojcowski-park-narodowy zamek-park-narodowy-ojcow zamek-pieskowa-skala zamek-w-pieskowej zamek-w-pieskowej-skalehercules-club-ojcow-national-park hercules-club

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