Squash Challenge continued – BLS Krakow 

I have been motivated and demotivated like a dozen times even during one day.  Always thought it is external factor that influences my state – like reaction of a colleague at work, planning of a weekend that ends in failure, lack of enthusiasm waking up in the morning. Nothing more wrong – it is an attitude, peace of mind and nutrition that make a difference. As such no one else but you can influence that. The most important are baby steps, in everything one does. Small goals, small changes, in both approach and mindset, small decisions make big impact.

Yesterday I have received a confirmation that I am enrolled to a Woman Squash League in one of squash clubs in my most beloved city. Getting to think of it, how I arrived here is curiosity and eagerness of making my friends finally consider me as a solid squash partner. Back then even calling to talk to an instructor to arrange a first lecture was scary. What if she will judge me, the way I play, the way I dress, the way I approach squash, etc.? Stupidest as that, before actually something happens I tend to anticipate all the possible unknowns in my life, which even though is a good strategy for work rarely ends up well in private life.

After actually realising that my first two trainings get me going, I was frustrated with myself thinking why on Earth have I not called her before?.. Indeed, no reason. As a consequence, I set up a three months challenge. Three months did not sound so scary, right? Something one can survive, so I promised to reward myself with a new racket if I stick to the challenge till the end of three months. Realising that after three months its getting even better and more exciting considering, during one really lazy weekend I joined the league. At that specific point it seemed to be the stupidest but at the same time the best thing to do.

Realising that it is a long way to actually win any of those sets that wait ahead of me, but the fact that I participate is just fulfilling enough. All the rest is simply a game 🙂 About to start end of September. Fingers crossed!

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