Bodensee, Rheinfall and a flower island

It is already the second year of travel to Ladenburg to start yet another driving journey in and around Germany, France and this year Switzerland as well. Even Germanwings cancelling my flight and making my five days holidays two days shorter did not manage to spoil the mood.

Highways to and from Stuttgart is still something Germany needs to work on, but the stay in Drachenburg & Waaghaus in Gottlieben close to a Swiss boarder with a picturesque view on Rhine, Europe’s biggest waterfall Rheinfall in Schaffhausen and of course a flowery Insel Mainau made a few traffic mishaps worthwhile.

Even though we did not manage to visit Lindau, which was one of the planned destinations, there is still something to look forward to for the next year. Pleased to meet up with Ilona and Uwe this year as well and learn yet another sentence in German (now I know whole two sentences! :), big thanks for the night filled with positive energy and quality talks.

Gottwell Insel Mainau cross Insel Mainau duck Insel Mainau flower Insel Mainau garden Insel Mainau mom Insel Mainau Victoria Linde Rheifall Rheinfall 2 Rheinfall 3 Rheinfall 4 Rheinfall 5 Rheinfall 6 Rheinfall 7 Rheinfall 8 Schloss WorthBlack couple Black Rheinfall

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