Kraków is my “place to return to”

Humans are programmed that way – if in one place for a long time, they get used to it. Getting used to means that more often than not your surrounding is not perceived as something extraordinary anymore. This is the case with me and the place I am celebrating my 5th anniversary with. Looking through archives of pictures it seems I have photographs from all other cities, but there are only a few from the place I choose to live for this long. Seems strange that we only appreciate something in retrospect.

Only a few, no common theme, but each with a different story behind. Kraków is indeed the place you will fall in love with.

Plac Szczepanski Glowackiego Kosciol Mariacki Planty Sukiennice Park Ojcowski Chimera Planty 2 Zoo

Kopiec Kosciuszki

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