Mont Saint Michel au péril de la mer

Normandy has greeted us with a really nice weather, as we left Paris where it actually started raining. Not that Paris does not look nice at any weather, when the plans are all outdoors the sun is very much welcomed.

Four hours drive and two rounds of game of “guess who am I?” (do not really know the real name for the game, but the made up name pretty much gives the gist) we arrived at the beautiful countryside of one of France’s most recognisable landscapes. Hosting around 3 million people a year free shuttles leave every few minutes from parking to the island stopping at the bridge. The strong wind was a big surprise when arrived at the bridge, as one can basically loose their head if not holding it covered by a scarf or a hood. The strongest blows start with the bridge and slows down near the outside walls.

Known by its strong and fast tides there are still tourists who manage to undertake a risky walk across the wet sand, sometimes even with small children. It is said that waters return to the bay ‘at the pace of a galloping horse’. The monastery built as high as 92 meters offers a spectacular view from the abbey. As a Christian pilgrimage site, it is known that Aubert, bishop of Avranches in as early as the 8th century claimed that Archangel Michael himself pressured him to build a church at the top of the island.

As a UNESCO heritage and symbol of French national identity, Mont Saint Michel is definitely a worthwhile destination.

Abbey Courtyard 2 Courtyard Inside the castle Medieval Michelangelo Mont St Michel 2 Mont St Michel 4 Mont St Michel


  1. Ah wow this looks incredible 🙂 So excited to visit in summer


  2. Thank you Natasha, really glad to read you like them! The place is magical and hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Beware of strong winds though 🙂


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