Sous le ciel de Paris

It has been one of those weekends I enjoy the most, filled with positive energy, nice weather, delicious food and amazing company.

Charlotte, who really knows how to take care of her guests greeted us aperitif and delicious home made lunch making us feel welcomed. Setting the challenge for us to do the same when she is in Krakow, she presented us each day with the list of places for dinner to select from, each filled with une ambiance et un vin delicieux. Huguette Paris 6 as agreed by all was titled the best dinner place of the trip. This however does not rule out Francois Felix serving one of a kind cafe gourmand which is now mon dessert préféré and Paris London restaurant serving the best brunch ever.

Nicolas took a really good care of us all while driving 800 km to and from Mont St. Michel, especially through roundabout (ie. dead circle) of Arc de Triomphe. How he did it without losing his temper at three screaming stressed women in one car remains a mystery to all of us. Amazingly, driving through main streets of Paris he managed to show us all the nice places in about 30 minutes.

Alex on the other hand as usual was a skilled mediator and managed everyone to get to compromise at any decision we made. As always, collected and calm (apart from at the Arc de Triomphe moment) she knew how to approach each of our three different characters and only concluded at the very end “what a weird family” we are 🙂

Jardins du Luxembourd 5 Jardins du Luxembourg 2 Jardins du Luxembourg 3 Jardins du Luxembourg L Opera Lafayette Terrace Montmartre Notre Dame de Paris Sous le ciel de Paris 2 Sous le ciel de Paris 4 Sous le ciel de Paris 5 Sous le ciel de Paris 6 Sous le ciel de Paris 7 Sous le ciel de Paris

Cafe gaurmand


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