Squash challenge – week 3

Survived till week three! I must admit there has been no moments of doubt or discouragement from three months squash challenge and this is the time when I can in all honesty say I am proud of myself. In two weeks of regular exercising, which means either a good game of squash or 35 min on the bike fitness became a way of being, the body starts to miss it with even one day break.

As a proper amateur I started with the same assumption as probably many others before me – considered running or jogging for good cardio. Usually for daily exercise this helps getting better physic and fitness altogether. Nothing more wrong with squash. Reading more into the topic, there seems to be a few cons against running, at least running long distances with the same pace.

First – the additional exercise need to resemble squash game as closely as possible. In such case warm up should be short, done in sprints and with as much energy and sharp movement as possible.

Second – impact on joints definitely needs to be considered. There is already enough pressure on joints with hard court flooring, so when considering running as a way to get fit one, consider proper running shoes and again run in sprints rather than long distances.

Even though I was not consequent in sharing achievements for week three, I am proud for this time to look like:

Monday – stationary bike 35 min

Tuesday – 35 min running

Wednesday – game of squash

Thursday – game of squash

Friday – null

Saturday – game of squash

Sunday – game of squash

Week four is a holidays time. Though not getting discouraged from exercise, I am aware any change of surrounding affects the daily routine.

Setting the goal for week five – start training the drop shot (just above the tin) until it gets to perfection. Something like with Massaro  🙂

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