Squash challenge – week 2

It has been a week now since I re-started with squash. An amazing week I must say! The more I look into what has happened within last 7 days, the more I realise how much happier and aware of own body one can become in such a short time. Being fit now seems to be a must and to do so there are so many aspects to watch for. Proper and regular diet, drinking a lot of water, getting a good sleep, watching for correct posture and balance – you may say that those are so simple and so obvious and they are. Only why more often then not they are neglected or at least have been neglected by me?

Luckily, there is a turning point to everything and with a little bit of inspiration one can come back to what feels right, no matter if it is an unfinished book or painting, unfulfiled dream or a dropped healthy life style. I started to watch my eating and drinking habits again as well as sitting correctly in the office and to my surprise small changes starting to give revolutionary results.

So far during the first week I have had a few trainings with instructor, one game (if I may call it a game at all yet) with a friend and (as targeted) every second day a 30 min exercise on a stationary bike. I noticed that I usually am bored when only pedalling, so each time in the background there is a movie or a video to keep me entertained. One has to make an exercising pleasant and enjoyable to keep it going. Only a week ago I felt like dying after only 15 min on a bike and now 30 min seems like a piece of cake and I will be prolonging it to 35 min in week 2. Baby steps.

IMG_3939IMG_3949A few new tips I picked up by watching a few finals with ever so present in squash Egyptians:

  1. Mind your thinking, the way you approach your opponent and ability to stay calm under pressure are as important as being fit. This means not agreeing to give up each rally even if the heart rate is above all acceptable standards and you feel like after every breath your insides will come outside.
  2. When winning a rally, start serving with right hand side of a court so that partner has to pick up with a backhand. As an unwritten rule backhand may be somewhat more complicated, so percentage-wise there is an advantage to deciding to serve from right side of court.
  3. Middle of a court is your home, so after each stroke – back in the middle, back in the middle, back in the middle. This is the spot that allows you to get to each corner as soon as possible and this is a perfect place to watch for where the opponent intends to strike.

Seems I have been bitten by a squash bug and I am sooo loving it.

New grip and a Dunlop Aerogel looks like a brand new racket. Seems that having a perfectly aligned grip is a squash player’s quirk 😉



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