Time in Cyprus – time well spent!

There is one feeling that has been haunting me for some three weeks now… Feeling like I am going to lose something if I don’t act quickly. After a few careful thoughts of what might be the reason behind it I came to realise that what I am scared of the most is losing time. There is no more precious commodity in a person’s life than time and if not spent productively chances are you end up feeling pity and guilt for your own loss.

Counting days from now till the trip to Paris planned for May I concluded that March and April this year is going to be just that – lost time in my life, if I am not going to go somewhere new, exciting, break the daily routine and get lost in the sound of foreign language. Gladly, two of the best ladies I know agreed that something must be done in this respect and over a friendly Sunday breakfast tickets have been bought to… Cyprus. Why there? Well Ryanair kind of helped us to decide. There is nothing like buying tickets both ways for 300 zlotych. One of best investments ever made 🙂

The decision was quick and impulsive – just the perfect mixture for the next great adventure.

Lessons of the day – when browsing for flights in Europe

  1. Use “Cheap Flights From” option on Ryanair if decided to budget
  2. Check if prices do not change if you buy more than one ticket on Ryanair
  3. Compare prices with Skyscanner and Momondo, the latee gives great user friendly visual indication on price range

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