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They say “You cannot know where your are going until you know where you have been”. The statement although has always been in the back of my mind stroke me hard this morning when I realised that there are people around the world that has left the home place same as me either in search of new experiences or a new life. Perhaps they also come back to the memories they hold with Zhyznomyr?.. I decided to do a little research and fighting my previous ignorance learned a bit more of the place I come from.

Zhyznomy – a picturesque village situated in western Ukraine in Ternopil Oblast, Buchcach Region, located on a right bench of Strypa river 4 km from Buchach. There are two dates referred to on when the village was first mentioned as a separate geographical entity. The first is 21st of December 1949 in court protocols. It is stated that village at the beginning of XIX century belonged to Danylo Laskiy. The second date is 1606 mentioned in a work of Modest Gnatevych as date when Zhyznomyr orthodox monastery was set up by financial support of a daughter of one Moldavian owner called Mogylyanka and her husband voyevoda Potocki. The monastery was ruined by fire in 1798 and ruins that remained can still be visited nowadays.

Through its history Zhyznomyr went from hands of one power to another, from Kingdom of Poland to Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth to Austrian empires and only in 1918-1919 to West Ukrainian People’s Republic. It is said that the library of Danilo Laskiy has been handed to Vasyliany priests and in 1832 a school has been set up in Zhyznomyr under religious supervision. The name of the village itself reflects Kyiv Rus approach to live in peace – “життя” standing for life and “мир” standing for peace.

The history of Zhyznomyr holds a number of tragic moments of people fighting for their land, national identity and a right to be called Ukrainians. There is a number of famous people, like Julian Pavlyshyn or Volodymyr Sohanivskiy who supported the print of historical collection of memoirs on Zhyznomyr and whole Buchach Region entitled “The city of Buchach and its Region”. Known for its peace and lightness of being Zhyznomyr is a place where I come back to take a real rest. It is beautiful and unique in its own way in all seasons.

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