Pearls of Alzace and Festive Ladenburg

This time I decided to write in English, however hard it may be to express all the fun and gratitude to everyone who helped to make this time special. It is obvious that I should start with big thanks, but given that all the information I write will be forgotten once you finish reading, I will get back to it at the end of my trip story.

When arriving to Ilona and Uwe’s place I must say how impressed I have been with all the colors that surround them on a daily basis. It’s like being in Parc Guell in Barcelona. All the walls and furniture are full of colours and decorated with ornamental bits of “glass”. It makes a house a home, which I so much strive to create for myself. This is an example how creativity can have no boarders. It needs only big imagination and passionate heart to give a soul to a place.
Strasbourg has been discussed an evening before we took off from Ladenburg and it unquestionably remained a destination point. Le Petite France full of flowers was the first place we tried to locate on the map. Though it was not hard to find the destination point getting to know where we parked the car was quite complicating. It seems to me still that frenchmen do it on purpose – make people lost, so that they can wander around without a purpose through the small streets. Only this way one can truly experience french spirit.  Cathedre Notre Dame suggested by mother’s friend became our destination point that dat and since it has been marked a big black spot on a map it was not hard to find. Amazingly within the cathedral there is Horloge Astronomique.
Colmar – Le Petite Venice with Market place (Place Du Marche aux fruits) full of flowers and cheese, brasseries and wine make this place a fairy tale. Bartholdi museum is definitely a must for each visitor. We got to see that Alsace region has a special flare in it with grande Place de Cathedral, small rues, Le Petite Train de Colmar which one can start his trip with at the crossroads of Rue Kleber, Rue Des Clefs et Rue Des Tetes (111 tetes altogether!). No Internet or books can give you an idea on the local beauties as much as local people can do. If it was not for Ilona, I would never have discovered for myself such an amazing city. This is the place I want to be back to one day.

In Ladenburg where our trip has ended we arrived right on time for Alt Festival. Seems it has been taking place for 42 year now. The the city itself is full of remains of Roman culture. One more tradition which as I have discovered was even more exciting is Capirigna tradition of Bayer family. 🙂

It has indeed been my trip of the year thanks to my beneficiaries – Anette for showing how welcoming people in Ladenburg are. To Manfred for a drive back to Frankfurt in amazing MX5. To Fabian for introducing me to all his friends whose names I would struggle hard to recall if I had to repeat them all over again. First and foremost thanks to Ilona and Uwe for everything they did those four days. There are no words to express my great appreciation for a few rounds of UNO game, a straw in Calpirigna, care and attention they shared.
And last but not least to my AMAZING Mother – my travel companion, who although is hard sometimes to compromise with, always have my back 🙂




















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