Swiss beauty – Zurich

The fist travel story of the book of my world starts at the point in life when I started to be able to afford going places. You need to take in your stride all the stories one may read on the internet on how to travel free of charge. Unless you have friends in each and every corner of the world, you will always have to budget a trip. A control freak that I am, I need to know when travelling that in case of emergency I am able to find (or buy) a solution 🙂

Luckily for me in Zurich I had both – a friend to stay over for a few days who gladly lent me her bike to move around Zurich and a company that was paying for the flights as well as first few days of my business trip.

Biking around the Zurich Lake or alongside Limmat with the perfect weather makes the place relaxing, there is no rush to be felt even though most of people wear business suits and by definition should be hurrying to make money. What surprised me the most is that strangers smile at you on the street, showing that in life you are able to be happy for no reason.

There is an approach I established in my life that once I have been to a place there is no point coming back (mind Paris is an exception to the rule!). I would rather visit a new place, as each journey should be exceptional and the world is big enough to discover new places each time you have a chance to travel. With Zurich the rule is somehow not applying and I would one day very much like to return, even if only for a day.

Zurich bugZurich bug continued Munsterbrucke Jet dEau 2 Fur Alle In Zurich Lake Zurich The Ducks Biking in Zurich Lake Zurich 3 Church of Our Lady Zurich Lake Zurich 4 Lake Zurich 2 Jet dEau

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